About Us

SINCE 1957 -
Founded in 1957 by sportsmen and sportswomen who are only a memory now, the Big 4+ Sportsman's Club may be the oldest sportsman's club in the area.  The "4" in Big 4+ stands for the towns of Long Lake, Popple River, Newald and Tipler. Club lore has it that the "+" was added to include the town of Alvin and/or anyone else who owned property or visited the area. The club was formed to promote conservation, particularly around the lakes in the area, at a time when things were much less developed that they are today.
In the early years we did not have a clubhouse or much in the way of resources. Meetings were held in area bars and private homes. We bought the land we are on now, including land across the road, in the mid-70's. There was a clubhouse across the road and also a trap house was built. In the late 80's the land across the road was sold and a new clubhouse and trap were built on our present site. Since then we have gradually upgraded and expanded both our clubhouse and our grounds. We now have 3 trap ranges, a 200-meter rifle/pistol range and a modern clubhouse that is usable year round.
Today the Big 4+ is probably best known for trap shooting and our Annual Membership Picnic in July. And while many of our members join for those reasons, those activities are also a means to raise funds for a variety of projects.
Some of our current projects:
  • Provide free targets and shells for youth members to shoot trap
  • Contribute to the Long Lake Association to run the aerator
  • Co-sponsor an annual Whitetails Unlimited Banquet
  • A variety of donations to local projects
Some of our past projects:
  • Provide facilities and instructors for Hunters Education course
  • Provide and maintain dock at Long Lake boat landing
  • Helped with funding to install the aerator in Long Lake
  • Maintained the aerator in Long Lake for many years
  • Helped with funding for the pier in Long Lake
  • Helped with funding to stock muskies in Long Lake
  • Deer feeding program during severe winters
  • Postcard campaign against Forest Service road closings
The Big 4+ has a constitution and bylaws and is governed by a 7-member board (see sidebar at right). Membership is open to US citizens. We have monthly meetings and an annual meeting and election in October.
The Big 4+ is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(7) organization.
2019-2020 OFFICERS
LeRoy Dorzok
Gary Schadrie
Kristine Devore
JoAnne Smith
Ed Borske
Laura McHugh
Jeff Vandenheuvel