2011 Summer Trap League Results

posted Aug 21, 2011, 8:55 AM by Big 4 Sportsmans Club Webmaster

The Big 4+ Sportsman's Club concluded their summer trap league with a potluck party and trap shoot Monday evening, August 8. The winning team was Skip's Gun Repair, comprised of Skip Ritchie (Long Lake), Bobby Cleereman (Newald), John Brown (Dunbar) and Bob Cleereman (Newald). Other teams participating in order of rank from high to low were Dunbar Sportsman's Club, Tipler Red Deer, Good Old Boys, CTL Timber, Dorzok Realty and Tipler Service Center. Ed Borske (Alvin) won Top Gun with a 23.9 average shot at various yardages.

The Big 4+ will begin a doubles trap league on Monday, August 22 at 6 PM. The league will run for 5 weeks, shooting each Monday evening. There will also be open shooting for those who do not want to commit to a league or shoot doubles. Everyone is welcome. For more information call Mary Lou Dorzok at 715-674-3003 or see .