COVID-19 Update

posted May 17, 2020, 8:12 PM by JoAnne Smith
The Board of Directors met in May and have determined that open shooting will be available beginning Monday, May 18th.  The summer league will not be held this year, however open shooting on Monday evenings beginning at 6 pm will be allowed.

It is up to individual members to conduct themselves in a manner that is considerate to others shooting,  

Please use additional space between yourself and others.  Please practice social distancing.
Do not come if you are not feeling well.
Use a mask if this makes you comfortable.  
Cover your cough or sneeze!
Hand sanitizer is not available at the club, but soap and water is! 
Bring your own sanitizer.

Please bring exact amounts of change or your checkbook.  Shooting is $4 per round and shells are $7.  A jar will be available to place your money in, so as to limit any exchange of money.

Family memberships remain at $25 per family and $15 for single members, We appreciate your support of the Club with your membership in these hard times,

At this time, the Membership picnic will not be held, however we hope to have a Lewis Shoot on the 3rd Saturday in July.  Watch for updates.