Autumn 2011 Lewis Trap Shoot Results - No 50's at the 50-Bird Shoot

posted Sep 18, 2011, 2:57 PM by Big 4 Sportsmans Club Webmaster   [ updated Sep 18, 2011, 3:04 PM ]

The Big 4+ Sportsman's Club held their annual autumn trap shoot at their clubhouse in Long Lake on Saturday, September 17. There were 2 events, a 50-Bird Lewis Class shoot and a meat shoot. The 50-Bird shoot had 79 entries and paid out 5 classes. Ties were broken by sudden-death shoot-offs and the winner of each class won $79. It was a nice autumn day, but the wind did pick up latter in the morning to challenge the shooters. It was a spirited contest as 13 shooters managed to break 49 targets, but no one could seem to get that perfect 50. Because of the way that a Lewis shoot is scored, just one score of 50 would have dramatically changed the way the class lines fell. The class winners and their scores were: Bill Simonar (Denmark) with 49, Jerry Werner (Racine) with 48, LeRoy Dorzok (Tipler) with 46, Tim Kalata (Argonne) with 44 and Kayla McHugh (Newald) with 41. There was also a consolation shoot for scores under 36; Josie McHugh survived a 5-string shoot-off to win $79. Lewis Class shooters could also enter for Long Run, High Gun and 25-straight, with ties being broken by sudden-death shoot-offs. Brian Ebert (Franksville) won $108 for 25 straight on Trap 1 and Ed Borske (Alvin) won $108 for 25-straight on Trap 2. Ed Borske also won $108 for High Gun and $108 for his Long Run of 49 - just missing that perfect 50 that eluded shooters all day.