Spring 2012 Lewis Trap Shoot Results - No 100's at the 100-Bird Shoot

posted Apr 26, 2012, 8:01 AM by Big 4 Sportsmans Club Webmaster
The Big 4+ Sportsman's Club held their annual spring trap shoot at their clubhouse in Long Lake on Saturday, April 21. There were two events, a 100-Bird Lewis Class shoot and a meat shoot. The 100-Bird shoot had 41 entries and paid out 5 classes. Ties were broken by sudden-death shoot-offs and the winner of each class won $114.80. The class winners and their scores were: Larry Heinrichs (Wisconsin Rapids) with 98, LeRoy Dorzok (Tipler) with 95, Bill Kramer (Lena) with 92, Mike Smith (Tipler) with 88 and Buddy Schaut (Mountain) with 84. There was also a consolation prize for scores under 76; Barry Thiel (Elcho) survived a 5-string shoot-off to win $41. Lewis Class shooters could also enter for High Gun, Long Run and 50-straight, with ties being broken by sudden-death shoot-offs. Larry Heinrichs won $48 for his High Gun score of 98 and he also won $48 for his Long Run of 49. There were no 50-straights shot, so the prizes were paid for 49-straight with each shooter winning $48. Bill Kramer won First-49, Ed Borske (Alvin) won Middle-49 and Larry Heinrichs won Last-49.
The Big 4+ would like to thank all those who helped make our shoot a success, with a special thanks to our volunteer workers.