Winners of April 16 100-Bird Trap Shoot

posted Apr 17, 2011, 12:42 PM by Big 4 Sportsmans Club Webmaster
The Big 4+ Sportsman’s Club held their annual spring trap shoot on Saturday, April 16. There were two events, a 100-Bird Lewis Class shoot and a merchandise shoot, along with food and beverages all day. Despite an unseasonable spring snow storm, many shooters braved the bad weather to attend.
The Lewis Class shoot had 56 entries and paid out 5 classes. Ties were broken by sudden-death shoot-offs, with the winner of each class winning $156.80. The class winners and their scores were: Dave Lade (Oconto) with 99, Ed Borske (Alvin) with 96, Jerry Werner (Racine) with 94, Jim Bins with 91 and Jeremy Streu (Long Lake) with 87. There was also a consolation shoot for the bottom 5 scores. Dan Vertz (DePere) survived a 5-string shoot-off to win a $56 consolation prize for his 81.
Lewis Class shooters could also enter for 50-straight, High Gun and Long Run, with ties being broken by sudden-death shoot-offs. Ryan Sand won $82 for the first 50-straight, Bill Simonar (Denmark) won $82 for the middle 50-straight and Mike Sand won $82 for the last 50-straight. Dave Lade won $82 for his High Gun of 99 and Ed Borske won $82 for his Long Run of 59.
The Big 4+ would like to thank all those who helped to make the shoot a success.